Active Acceleration

Companies entering new markets or launching new products are faced with a number of significant barriers. Local market knowledge, logistical hurdles, finding the best local talent, identifying the right partners. Our proven programme limits the risk and reduces the time to revenues. We call it “Active Acceleration”. 

Active:  because we don’t just give advice on powerpoint. We work with our clients to deliver on their plans.

Acceleration: comes through giving them immediate access to a broad network of trusted industry partners, experts and potential clients in their target markets.

What we do

Accelerating growth

By focusing on two key pillars of company value – the product and the market – we help technology companies grow. 

Product Development

From initial market analysis to a full product release. We have a twenty year track record in new product development.

Product Management

Fintech, data management, medtech, cybersecurity....we have helped companies build product teams and managing award winning products

Market Analysis

Detailed, tailored, sector-specific market entry reports by industry and territory

Business Development

A tried and tested methodology for building pipeline and signing "A-list" customers.

Representative Services

By providing an immediate presence in country, we help reduce the risk and the cost of new market entry

Advisory Services

Access to a network of in-country experts across all areas of business (tax, VAT, compliance, legal, HR etc.)


What People Say

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