A focused approach

Over the years we have developed a robust methodology for helping technology companies win business in new markets. It forms part of our “Active Acceleration” ethos. Drawing on the experience of our business development consultants we work with our clients to build a targeted go-to-market strategy.

A simple methodology

The system we employ isn’t complex. It follows a number of simple steps:

  • We establish with our clients what kinds of businesses and organisations they have had success selling into in their existing markets
  • Next we draw up with them a target list of A-List prospects – who is it they want to get in front of?
  • We look at companies that are similar to these that we are already connected to
  • We don’t forget the other key players in the target market
  • Then we go through and build a target list of individuals in these companies key contacts, decision-makers, influencers, ex-colleagues, analysts that we know
  • The final step is to apportion prioritisation around these accounts – based on a number of parameters.

Clear plan and progress map

Once we’ve been through these steps we end up with a shared go-to-market plan. It’s a transparent and live document that we share with our clients. This makes it easy for them and us to track progress, understand market feedback, course correct and set meaningful targets.


Building product and brand presence

This business development approach – introductions into key networks and decision-makers – helps us accelerate other activity at the same time. All of the feedback good, bad or indifferent is shared with our client and our on the ground team. This means we optimise the product positioning as we go. At the same time we are able to gauge the best marketing channels for the sector. This is clearly critical in helping building brand for our clients.