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Your Brexit Readiness Analysis

How well prepared is your business for the end of the transition period?

Which areas have you thought about? Are you sure you have covered all the bases?

If you are unsure where to start or what you need to think about – you can take our short survey here.

Based on the responses you give us, we will send you a simple-to-understand readiness assessment.

Your report will detail:

  • how well prepared your business is today
  • which areas you might want to think more about
  • where you can get advice and guidance

You will receive a tailored dashboard “health check”

It only takes 5 minutes to complete

Business Readiness Healthcheck
YOUR STAFF: How many of your current employees are EU nationals?
YOUR STAFF: Will you need to hire staff from overseas (including the EU) in the next few years?
YOUR STAFF: Do you need to hire staff with particular training, qualifications or skills relevant to your business?
YOUR STAFF: Have you advised your EU staff to apply for (pre) Settled Status?
YOUR STAFF: Would you like more information on how to help your EU staff to apply for (pre) Settled Status?
YOUR STAFF: Do you or your staff need to travel regularly within the EU?
YOUR STAFF: Do you receive visitors from the EU at your premises?
YOUR SUPPLIERS: Have you conducted a review of your main suppliers?
YOUR SUPPLIERS: How many of your suppliers are based in the EU?
YOUR SUPPLIERS: What proportion of your suppliers are dependent on EU suppliers themselves?
YOUR SUPPLIERS: Do you have suppliers from outside the EU?
Do you export?
YOUR SERVICES: Do you provide services with your product in EU countries (e.g implementation, installation, maintenance, support etc.) ?
YOUR CONTRACTS: Have you done a review of your international contracts?
YOUR DATA: Do you collect/process/store/monitor/buy the personal data of individuals in the EU ?
YOUR DATA: Do you deliver online (e.g SaaS) services in any EU country ?
YOUR DATA: Do you host websites that attract EU customers?
YOUR TRADEMARKS: Do you have any EU Trademarks or Designs?
YOUR PRESENCE: Do you have premises in any EU country?
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