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Data Protection & GDPR

Chances are you haven’t yet spent any time ensuring data compliance for your business post Brexit. You wouldn’t be alone. In fact, with negotiations ongoing, how do you ensure that your management of customer data is compliant post Brexit? How do you even know what the rules will be?

If the EU does not approve “adequacy” of data protection legislation, many service companies operating in a post Brexit world will need to have data representation in the European Union (or UK) if they store or collect the personal data of individuals. The legislation requires this to be a physical in-country presence. That is – if your business manages the personal data of European Union citizens, you will need to have a data representative physically located in an EU country if you have no office there. The same will be true for EU companies operating in the UK.

If you are a UK company and don’t have offices or other business premises in an EU country, or if you are an EU company without a physical presence in the UK – we can help you.

Working with our partners, DPR Group, we can provide you with in-country representation in any EU country and the guidance to deal with all data protection and GDPR enquiries.

DPR Group offers a market-leading EU Representative service to our clients through its network of contact locations. These locations include every EU member state and the UK. They are able to offer the UK Representative service included at no extra cost for our clients who appoint them to deliver (or are already protected by) their EU Representative service.

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