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Points based Immigration system

Here is the latest about the new points-based immigration system that was published on Monday 13 July 2020

Are you recruiting staff from overseas, including EU? From January 1st 2021 to be eligible to work in the UK, EU (and all other) citizens will need to score 70 points in the new immigration system.

How does it work?

Points are allocated in the following way:

Have a job offer from an approved sponsorNo20
Job at the appropriate skill levelNo20
English language skills at level B1 (intermediate)No10
Applicant is a new entrant to the labour
market (i)
Salary of £20,480- £23,039 (i)Yes0
Salary of £23,040 to £25,599 (ii)Yes10
Salary of £25,600Yes20
Job in shortage occupation (iii)Yes20
Education qualification: PhD in a subject relevant to the jobYes10
Education qualification: PhD in a STEM subject relevant to the jobYes20

(i) As designated by the Migration Advisory Committee

(ii) It will be possible to employ people for roles with salaries between £20,480 and £25,600 but they must make up the requisite number of points from the following characteristics:

  • if the job is in a shortage occupation (20 points)
  • if the applicant has a relevant PhD (10-20 points)

(iii) Shortage occupations are designated by the Migration Advisory Committee

What will it cost?

£ The points-based system also brings with it a series of costs for both employer and employee. As far as the employer is concerned they will first need a licence to assume sponsorship responsibilities. They are then responsible for paying the Immigration Skills Charge (which is estimated at being between £364-£1000). They will also need to be able to meet the minimum salary requirements (as listed above). The employee is obliged to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge (estimated at £400). They also need to pay the cost of their visa(£600-£700).

Applying from
outside UK
Applying from
within UK
Skilled WorkerUp to 3 years: £610Up to 3 years £704
Over 3 years: £,1220Over 3 years: £1,408
Shortage occupation (up to 3 years) £464Shortage occupation (up to 3 years) £464
Shortage occupation (over 3 years) £928Shortage occupation (over 3 years) £928
Global Talent£608£608
Start Up£363£493
Intra Company TransferUp to 3 years: £610Up to 3 years: £704
Over 3 years: £1,220Over 3 years: £,1408
Government published applications fees (July 2020)

How long does it take?

The process obviously takes time. You will need to plan for 4-8 weeks before a successful applicant can start working.

So what should you do now?