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Mid-Term Brexit Deadlines

June 30th 2020 saw three EU deadlines expire. What were they and what happened to them? First, the TRANSITION deadline. Under the Withdrawal treaty the UK is supposed to apply for an extension of the transition of maximum two years before 30 June 2020. On 12 June Michael Gove confirmed with the EU that the[…]

Your Business, Brexit and GDPR

This is a guest blog from our partners DPR Group. DPR Group was created to meet the need for businesses to have a Data Protection Representative in the EU to provide the representation necessary to meet their obligation under Article 27 of GDPR. With locations across all EU nations and the UK (a feature unique[…]

What happens to your .EU domain?

This is a guest blog from our partners TradePeers Ltd. Trade Peers is a specialised market-access service for medium-sized businesses in the UK. Trade Peers founder, Sietske de Groot has over 15 years of experience in EU and government affairs and was the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) lead on EU and International Affairs. She[…]

Preparing your service business for Brexit

Let’s start thinking about services Queues at borders, empty shelves, customs backlogsā€¦.all of the headlines about how Brexit might affect the UK seems to focus on the import and export of goods. Whilst there is no doubt that there will be seismic changes in trade regulation, what about services? What is the impact of the[…]

Sources of information on Brexit

Your business is unlike any other business. The way you operate, the suppliers you have, the team you employ, the Trademarks you own….all of them might have an influence on how you need to prepare your company for the Brexit changes that are coming. Right now you need to do four things : Pay attention[…]

How to plan for Brexit

How do you get your business ready for Brexit? Can you start preparing for Brexit now? Before the negotiations are completed? There continues to be a lot of conjecture about what the world will look like after Britain exits its Transition period. Commentators continue to say that things are not clear, that it is hard[…]

Your Brexit Readiness Analysis

How well prepared is your business for the end of the transition period? Which areas have you thought about? Are you sure you have covered all the bases? If you are unsure where to start or what you need to think about – you can take our short survey here. Based on the responses you[…]