“Four23 Management were engaged by Zesty to help drive our expansion across the UK.

They found all of the prospect data we needed. Then, working in tandem with our Sales Director, they delivered everything  we needed to plan, focus and execute our sales campaigns. They made it really easy for our sales team and were on hand at every step. Their work was instrumental in accelerating our national sales drive.

Zesty has worked with Four23 on a number of projects of varied nature. On every occasion Four23 demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and quality we expect. We won’t hesitate to use their services again when the need arises.”

James Balmain, MD Zesty Ltd


Zesty is an exciting med tech start up that has won a number of industry accolades for its innovative online platform. In its first year of operation it focused on building a strong customer base in the London area and was successful in doing this. As it looked to expand its market outside of London, it asked us to help them.



STEP 1:  we sat down the with Zesty sales director and understood the ways his team liked to work and where they trying to get to.

STEP 2: we researched the areas they were targeting to understand demographics, work out which areas and conurbations would be best for the Zesty product

STEP 3: working with our offshore team we gathered prospect information for each chosen area. We then got this checked and formatted for visualisation

STEP 4:  we chose a software partner to help us present the prospect information in the most user-friendly way for the Zesty salesforce, management team and investors – an online map

STEP 5:  every week we updated the map to include new prospect information and amend records as prospects changed to clients

The OUTCOME: Zesty sales teams were able to use the prospect mapping tool to work more efficiently and quickly. We provided the data and a way to use it. They concentrated on what they are best at – selling. Within six months Zesty had clients across the UK.