Four23 always strive to ensure that there is the right balance between customer service, the success of the business and the development of the the people in the business. They recognise that a well engaged and motivated team will help to drive business success and growth. They push staff to think differently and challenge old ways of working. They work with us to deliver new and innovative ideas to the business and does not shy away for getting involved in the detail and taking ownership where necessary.

Head of Professional Services department
FTSE 100 Company


Tasked with the restructure of a  high potential Professional Services team which was significantly under performing. Staff morale was very low, attrition consequently high. Utilisation levels were poor and the talented individuals within the team were constantly overstretched. No robust management systems were being used.


Step 1: Understand the people situation. Extensive one-to-one interviews were carried out with all members of the team and also with other key individuals both inside and outside the company to understand perspectives, opinions, views, aspirations and frustrations.

Step 2: Understand the working environment. An analysis was also carried out of the financial situation – targets, capacity planning, utilisation levels, consultant skillsets, consultant training, management practices, department structure.

Step 3: Create a viable plan. Without adversely impacting the department’s revenue generation, a plan was put in place to overhaul the department and enable it to deliver to its potential. The key facets of the plan were – to put in place management systems to allow transparency and visibility of team targets; to ensure the right management structure; to put in place the right personal challenges and development opportunities for the consultants; to ensure annual revenue targets were achieved.

THE OUTCOMES: were the introduction of a SaaS based system to manage the consultants’ time and billing, a restructure of the department into specialised practices, a change in the departmental management. This lead to a reduction of annual staff attrition from 20% to 0 and to 45% year-on-year revenue increase in year one and 27% growth in the second year.